July 1, 2014


Poutine is a famously Canadian dish, if not quintessentially so.  Cheese curds, french fries, and gravy combine to create the spirit of Canada in every bite.

The legend goes that poutine was created in Ottawa. Ice stakes turn frozen waterways until busy highways for commute and commerce, and the first paper bags of poutine were sold here to nourish and fuel those that braved life in the frigid North.

Or Wikipedia says it was invented in Quebec.

The bags that held early poutine quickly broke down to the moisture of the gravy, so the dish needed to be eaten quickly. These days poutine arrives in more durable containers, but the constituents of poutine do not play together well for very long; crispy fries quickly become soggy as did the paper bags of the past. Moreover the entirety of this mosaic is best eaten when hot to warm.

This carton of poutine in particular was created and consumed at Smoke’s Poutinerie. At Smoke’s, everything they do is poutine or poutine-based.

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