[Royal] Gala Apple

August 4, 2014

Royal Gala apple

Because all apples that are enjoyed as hand fruits (contrast to cider apples) are propagated as clones, new varieties of existing apples are discovered by chance. Case in point: the Gala apple was discovered in 1930 in New Zealand, but was spread across the world as cuttings from the original tree. It wasn’t until forty years later that a mutant strain was recognized for a deeper red color. These cuttings have since been propagated as the Royal Gala apple.

Further, 14 years later a branch appeared with an even more intense red fruit. Excised from its parent Royal Gala tree, this strain was propagated as a Galaxy apple. Twenty years later the dark purple-fruited Galaval apple arose from the Galaxy apple tree. Many mutations (or “sports”) occur, but only some are recognized as possessing commercial value. Even fewer are awarded patents.

Gala apples are smaller than Red Delicious apples and have a thinner skin, softer texture, and sweeter taste. They are a light red color interrupted by areas of yellow or green. These colors are separated from one another by a striped pattern. Royal Gala apples share many of the characteristics of Gala apples, but have a deeper red color.

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