Tomate de Arbol, Verde

August 10, 2014

Tomate de Arbol Verde

Tomates de arbol are eaten when ripe. Bright red or deep red with a yellow interior, these tomato relatives taste like a cross between kiwis and tomatoes.

Immature tree tomatoes are light to bright green and are slightly larger than a elongated walnut shell. Though they are not typically eaten in this state, it is common to see these fruits (or vegetables) cease development at this size and drop or rot on the tree.

When green, their sour notes predominate and their skin has not yet started to bitter. Slight floral tastes remain but their flavor has not yet begun to deepen with the complex of flavors that liken them to tomatoes or kiwis.

The reference photo for the illustration above came from a little outside of Villa de Leyva in Colombia.

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