El Millor

July 17, 2015


The El Millor (Catalan, or in Spanish El Mejor) is the go-to offering from Ham on Wheels in Barcelona. The sandwich features the famous jamón Ibérico atop crystal bread.

“Crystal” is an apt description for bread that shatters like glass.

The jamón Ibérico is a famous product from Spain. It comes from a single type of black pig that feeds on fallen acorns in the southwest of Spain (and Portugal). While the fat-soluble tannins of the acorns do not necessarily reside in the end pork product, the distinct taste of Iberian ham is evidence that the animals’ muscle and fat tissue accumulates different flavor compounds that are supported by the 14 to 36 month aging process. A sweet aromatic taste lingers in the mouth after swallowing.

Ham on Wheels skillfully made the transition from food truck to brick-and-mortar restaurant without ceding its name. When mobile it was perhaps more aptly titled, but in its current form near the Bacílica de Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona, bike lanes are painted on the floor of the restaurant, bike seats complete with working petals allow patrons to sit, and a large pig-skeleton-turned-bicycle relief is cut into the cement wall within; these details allow the name to persist as they serve hungry customers along the pedestrian paths of Barrio Gótico.

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