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May 30, 2016

Despite part of my dedication to staying out of the office, I sure am trying to be in one all the time.

I have a strange work-life balance marked by crazy periods of a ton of work followed by periods with none. I spend a little time in the latter stage agonizing about not having work rather than enjoying my time off, but I’m trying to get better.

(A lot of this list was put together using Reddit. I do this all the time.)

Freelancing Gig Sites

XBT Freelancer — The ability to get paid in bitcoins is still an interesting notion. The most famous cryptocurrency allows [nearly] free transfer of funds. The site itself doesn’t quite have the adoption of others, but is a good one to watch.

Fiverr — Perhaps not the best revenue stream, Fiverr’s work-for-five-dollars shtick has plenty of room for expansion of your monetary stream beyond that nominal dollar amount. Especially if you have something unique to offer, Fiverr allows you to make a post for a service and wait for a prospective client to find it and contact you.

Stack Overflow and Github — These were not primarily built for acquiring dinero from clients, but the latter does have a jobs/gigs section. Participate in discussion or projects to build up a reputation, and you’ll have a portfolio of work without having to step outside the platform.

Reddit /r/forhire (or specifically /r/hireawriter, /r/designjobs, etc.)– Similar to the previous sites, your participation in other Reddit subs gives prospective clients more of an idea of where you’re coming from and where your skills lie. There are other subs so poke around.

Find Location-independent Jobs

We Work Remotely and Remote OK — These guys are a job board for employers that don’t care where you are. Both interfaces are a little clunkier than other sites, but you’re able to perform searches and receive lists of new postings via email periodically.

Honorable Freelancing Mentions

Upwork — I liked them better when they were Odesk. Back then, they were number 2 or 3 in volume and number 1 in enjoyability. Elance must have noticed this because after their purchase of Odesk around the start of 2014, they’ve been dead-set on ruining this place. They’re still a good resource if you live in a country where you don’t need much money to survive.



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