Artist Theo Prins

February 14, 2017

Check out this artist:

He’s got a “Kite City” series about midway down the page that fits well with the article.

It’s dystopian and hopeful at the same time.

I think the tropical coast scenes popped out to me first. Heavily populated areas are forced to build upwards in response to emboldened tides. Commerce persists, and sailboats make more sense as gas engines vacate. Heavy industry can be built into the structural base. Small boats can service the mechanical fins of tidal power.
Other depict drastic swings in geography. Floodplains are now the breadbaskets of nations. Their high productivity requires urban centers to be fragmented into smaller nodes built vertically and connected by networks of channels and rivers. Forested mountain coasts spared from severe winds are allowed to build ornate wooden structures over staunch pillings that serve as dock and dwelling.  Fishing, depopulation, extinctions, geo/anthroengineering, LTA aircraft.
Stuff like that.

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